I'm back, just not here.

When I feel the need or need to break from 8th quarter, I'll be blogging on our wedding blog at www.mywedding.com/belshaharris.

Oh, did I mention we're engaged?!? Yep, read all about it! Not sure what I'll be doing with this particular space, but until I graduate and get hired, I hope to not have so much "drama" - at least not much that doesn't revolve around insane floral quotes and debates about the color of the groomsman's ties. I'm so excited!


Fred Heads 08

Fred Thompson for President!

Former senator and actor Fred Dalton Thompson announced he is "runnin for president of the United States," Wednesday night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! I couldn't be more excited. He hasn't spent any money yet and he's second in the polls. That definitely says something! Meanwhile, the other Republican candidates are in the middle of a debate. Gee, I wonder what people chose to watch, the debate or the Tonight show. Smart thinking Fred. ;)

I knew it was coming this week, but I'm so glad it's finally official. I've been listening to all the candidates up to this point in debates and interviews with Sean Hannity on his radio show, and he is by far the strongest candidate. Some of the others don’t represent conservative values at all, i.e. Ron Paul who was ranting about pulling out from Iraq in the debate tonight. He said — and I quote — “We should not go to war when it’s an aggressive war!” Hmm, aren’t most wars aggressive? (I didn’t even know who this guy was so I’m not worried about him.)

I've already became a "friend of Fred" weeks ago at I'm with Fred.com which has just become his official campaign site announced just minutes ago.

Now that my choice is officially in the race, you'll be hearing more from me on this subject in the months to come.


They should bring back the talent competition

(Sorry, I have to remove this video until I find out why it's messed up my format)

When I heard about this, I felt sorry for her. Then I watched the clip. It was a strange question to begin with, but her answer wasn't even coherent. I've had friends in the Miss Teen USA Pageant and I know they are more intelligent than her, so how did she get to the final five?

The "USA" pageants are going downhill and this is just another example. May I remind you of the numerous scandals in the past year.

I blame it on not having a talent competition. That's why I stopped watching. It takes a more focused person to work on a talent and prepare it for a national performance. Otherwise these girls are just being judged on their "fitness level" because it's obvious the pre-interviews haven't screened for intelligence.

Poor thing. Maybe her mom should stop taking her out of school for pageant stuff.



My dad was a merman!

Or so I believed until I was ten or eleven years old. Long after I found out that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny weren't legit, I believed my dad was really a merman, and if he was a merman, I must be a mermaid. (And if that was the case, I was a decendent of Ariel.)

This picture was above my mom's desk in the kitchen for as long as I can remember and I seriously thought it held a huge family secret that only showed in pictures of him underwater. I never told anyone this, not my mom or my brothers; especially not my dad. I figured if he'd tell me when the time was right. Meanwhile, I would put salt in the bathtub every year or so to see if my tail would show.

Maybe it's because of The Little Mermaid, or maybe I was just a strange kid, but I still hold onto the dream that it's all true.

Datablitz: 8 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Here it is, finally, my Datablitz. I know you've all been waiting ;)


Delta Lost My Luggage!

It may have been American Airline’s fault, but since Delta was not helpful at all last night, I’m placing the blame where I see fit. As I waited in line amongst a dozen other disgruntled travelers, I overheard one of the Delta crewmembers tell another, “WE don’t ever transfer the bags from one airline to another,” or something to that effect in a semi-sarcastic tone. Sucks for me; I thought they did.

I wouldn’t be so upset except my camera, glasses, pearls my dad gave my mom and mom gave me, a gold bracelet and necklace, 2 favorite dresses, 2 pairs of dressy sandals I love with matching purses ¬– a girl needs options even if she’s only traveling for 24 hours – all my best makeup, 2 curling irons, Andy’s suit, two Banana shirts and three ties – he only needed the options to coordinate with all my options – and so much more are in there. Not to mention three new Intimacy bras worth twice what Delta will give you alone if they can’t find it! I won’t bore you with the whole list but let’s just say I’m not a happy passenger.

Andy and I spent the weekend in Lubbock, TX, where went to the wedding of two of my friends from college, Alyssa and Craig. Alyssa and I sat next to each other in the soprano I section of the FUMC Chancel Choir for three years, and being two of the five or six young people in the choir, we bonded, sharing relationship dilemmas and planning our weddings from the balcony of the church where we sat with the choir at the beginning of each Sunday service. When she started dating Craig, everyone could see that special sparkle. He gave me some seriously useful relationship advice not long after, that somehow stuck more than what the rest of my family and friends were saying. I have to thank him for that.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The bride and the bridal party were beautiful. The church was stunning as always with its stained glass windows, huge organ, carillon, high ceilings and of course, amazing choir.

I realized just how much I missed singing in the choir every Sunday and rehearsing very Wednesday. It was strange not to be up there with them. At the reception, my friend Josh and I decided for my wedding, I need to just fly the choir to Ireland or wherever my wedding ends up. That would be easier than getting everyone into Lubbock. ;) (Did I mention you pretty much have to fly to Dallas or Houston to get anywhere else from Lubbock? Not very convenient.)

Oh yeah, I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET! Alyssa totally planned it, but that’s ok with me. If I ever get my bag back, I’ll include the pictures, complete with Andy’s bright red face.

We flew back from Lubbock to Dallas on American Eagle. Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes, but that was ok and fairly expected. We saw the bride and groom again waiting for their flight and wished them well. When we finally arrived in Dallas, we had to sit on the runway for another thirty minutes while we were towed in by a Chevy because the steering went out – and this was the second plane they sent, makes me wonder what was wrong with the first.

I waited to post this blog because I thought my stuff would be here, but it’s not and now I can officially complain about it!


Dream Diary: Shotgun Wedding?

Disclaimer: I know I have high expectations and I want my wedding to be perfect, but I know that's not the important thing, the marriage is. That being said:

Last night I had a nightmare. Weddings have been on my mind for – well – probably since I saw Cinderella the first time. I use to not be able to see the groom, but now I see Andy, only, in my dream last night, I saw him before the ceremony. Dressed like normal and acting like everyday, like nothing special was about to happen. I definitely don’t think the groom should see the bride before the ceremony, so I was asking him what was going on and generally freaking out, but that’s just the beginning.

I’ve had the dream before (in various ways) where I know it’s my wedding day but I don’t know who the groom is or if I do, I know we’re not ready. I freak out because I can’t remember any of the fun stuff, like the engagement, but worst of all in my mind: I didn’t plan anything. When I look around, everything is tacky or not decorated at all and the reception site is awful.

In my dream last night, I didn’t even recognize the church. I showed up in a dress that was awful on me and as soon as I got out of the limo, it got dirty somehow. The next thing I know, Andy was there, saying not to worry. I was really confused at that point but kept thinking that everything was ruined. I must have changed into street clothes and I went into this tiny bathroom to try to do my own hair and makeup. (Yikes)

Someone was with me – one of my friends or girl cousins – and I was telling them how upset I was about doing my own makeup and how nothing is the way I want it to be, but I told her, “At least I’m not showing yet.”

Yeah, and that was the turning point from “bad dream” to “nightmare.”

I then realized I was missing my makeup bag so I started running down the hall of the church looking for my mom and I ran into the choir room where a mix of my church choirs from home and Lubbock were gathered, about to start getting ready to sing at the ceremony. To my disgust, they started singing, "Here Comes the Bride," which is so typical and cheesy that I definately don't want it used at my wedding, especially not sung! My director from home, Mr. Galasso, saw me come in and said I should hurry and get ready. I ran back into the ladies room crying hysterically and then I started a sneezing fit.

I woke up and immediately sneezed three times.


Sunday Night Blah

Friday night has so many possibilities:

But this is Sunday night, Andy is kicking me out so he can go to bed:

Sunday night depresses me. After church and lunch, on a typical Sunday, the night is spent in preperation for Monday. I think I've finally realized how quickly weekends go by when you have a real job, and I don't even have one yet. And as much as I'm looking forward to being "out in the real world," when I am, I really hope I can find time to do other things I love and spend time with family and friends. Andy's got a set schedule now as a teacher, so I guess that got me thinking how once you grow up, free time is few and far between and weekends fly by. It's not like I didn't know that, but I'm not gonna have summers off like he does, and I'll probably be working longer hours, etc. Makes me sad. all the more reason to find a job I'll love.

Somehow, Monday is quickly approaching and I've managed to hardly accomplish any of my targeted tasks. The first of which would be my data blitz. It's a work in progress. I keep changing my mind. I'll probably do my "Eight things you might not know about me" which is for this blog because I was tagged – unless anyone has a better idea. ;) I guess I can't dance with Ty again.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out HTML to make this blog better. Keep checking for updates. I may just change this whole thing, you never know. Off to bed; bring on the week.